Renewables have the potential to become the lowest-cost option for Vietnam to meet its energy needs.

The economic growth of Vietnam in recent years has led to the rapid increase in demand for energy. Total energy consumption over the past decade has grown by about 10 to 15 percent annually, twice as much as the GDP growth.

Renewables have become the cheapest form of new power generation in the country on a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) basis . The trend is fueled by Vietnam’s remarkable natural endowments of solar and wind power combined with a significant drop in the capital costs of solar and wind over the past five years (75 percent decrease in solar costs and a 30 percent decrease in the cost of wind), which have made the LCOE for new renewables cheaper than traditional thermal generation. Another advantage of renewables is that they are lower risk. They also can be built more quickly versus traditional sources of generation and located more flexibly to meet Vietnam’s load-growth requirements. A successful renewables-led pathway includes building out the country’s wind and solar generation capabilities (6 gigawatts and 15 gigawatts by 2030, respectively).

Ongoing management of financial, commercial, and administrative tasks from the beginning of project development to operation phase is critical to achieve optimal performance of renewable energy assets. Asset management experiences and best practices from mature markets are important for asset owners/developers/investors under the booming of renewable energy development in Vietnam.

Renewables Asset Management Vietnam will be the best platform for international and local renewable energy leaders to discuss and debate on challenges and opportunities in maxmising value of renewable energy assets in Vietnam, positioning Vietnam as the sustainable energy hub for ASEAN.

The Renewables Asset Management in Vietnam and ASEAN

Renewable Asset Management Vietanm (RAMV) is the first-ever and the only event concentrating on exploring asset management in the ASEAN region. As the pioneer of this kind. RAMV offers two full days of informative, highly interactive agenda, where attendees could learn a lot in the field of solar/wind O&M, technical asset management, fiance and investment. In addition, you can connect with a majority of solar/wind project owners.

The Next Big Thing - Wind Energy Market in Vietnam

In order to help wind power investors better understand the requirements of international financial institutions related to environmental impact assessment as well as Vietnam regulations, we would like to introduce the “Whitepaper on Vietnam Wind Energy Development”. Hope this white paper will contribute to promoting the development of Vietnam’s renewable energy market in particular and the Vietnam electricity market in a sustainable and effective way in general, for a greener Vietnam.

Wind Energy Investment and Finance in ASEAN

This report mainly emphasizes the development process of wind power and its financing in ASEAN region, providing you a holistic viewpoint and critical tips. Firstly, it will discuss tax exemption or reduction and other supporting policies of wind power. The following parts will talk about five phases of a wind energy project and the focus activities in the financing process.


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